Gordon Ramsay vs. the Muppets in a food truck war: 'Muppets Most Wanted' GIFs

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The Muppets are the best when it comes to advertising. And a new trailer for "Muppets Most Wanted" -- with Gordon Ramsay cooking against the Swedish Chef -- makes that clear.

Although you can see the full video here, the highlights of this chef battle royale can most easily be summed up in GIF form.

The Muppets think they're standing in line for the bathroom, but it turns out to be an endless line seeking out food-truck goodness. Alongside the semi-cupcakes and other delights is an odd stand, the Bork Bork Fork, serving the haute(ish) cuisine of the Swedish Chef.

muppets-gordon-ramsay-food-truck-disney-1.gifBut it looks like the Chef has stolen the truck space belonging to another!

muppets-gordon-ramsay-food-truck-disney-2.gifThat would be Chef Gordon Ramsay, arriving with all of his white-shirted menace.

muppets-gordon-ramsay-food-truck-disney-3.gifSince there can be only one (for some reason), this means it's time for an epic Food Truck Fight.

muppets-gordon-ramsay-food-truck-disney-5.gifNothing against the Swedish Chef and Gordon Ramsay, but their sous-chefs might be a little more entertaining in this challenge. The underlings have the best hairnets anyway.

muppets-gordon-ramsay-food-truck-disney-7.gifIs it strange that the Swedish "meetee bolls" looked better than Ramsay's rice dish? Maybe he should have gone for beef Wellington.

muppets-gordon-ramsay-food-truck-disney-9.gifNot that it mattered, what with the judges and all. Miss Piggy liked the plating, Statler and Waldorf liked the insults, and Dr. Bunsen Honeydew just used the food to create cold fusion.

muppets-gordon-ramsay-food-truck-disney-10.gif muppets-gordon-ramsay-food-truck-disney-11.gifSo no one really won the challenge.

muppets-gordon-ramsay-food-truck-disney-12.gifAnd the only losers were the Muppets, who never actually found a bathroom.

Photo/Video credit: Disney