'Gossip Girl': Billy Baldwin will be back to stir up trouble on the Upper East Side

billy-baldwin-gossip-girl2.jpgRufus ( Matthew Settle) shouldn't get too comfortable ... we haven't seen the last of William van der Woodsen ( Billy Baldwin) on "Gossip Girl."

Sources confirm to Zap2it that The CW has plans to bring Baldwin back as Serena's ( Blake Lively) morally misguided father next season, although "nothing is official" at this point.

Baldwin reinforced speculation about his Season 4 return when he carefully chose his words in a recent interview at CW affiliate KTLA-TV:

"I'd love to come back, and if I were a betting man I wouldn't ... I'm hoping that I'll be back," says Baldwin. "They haven't told me no, but I feel like I'll be back."

Do YOU want to see the (not so) good doctor return to stir up trouble next season? Weigh in below!

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Photo credit: The CW