'Gossip Girl' Blake Lively MIA on Victoria Secret's Sexy List in favor of Amber Heard?

amber-heard-blake-lively-hot.jpgForget Maxim's Hot 100. After they picked Katy Perry as the Hottest Star for 2010, they lost all credibility. But Victoria's Secret's fifth annual "What Is Sexy? 2010" list picks are a little more on the money. And their up-and-comer is particularly interesting.

Taylor Swift got Sexiest Hair. Carrie Underwood won for the Sexiest Legs. Scarlett Johansson won Sexiest Lips. Christina Hendricks received Sexiest Curves honors. And Zoe Saldana got Sexiest Style.

Ho-hum. But here's the interesting part. Where's Blake Lively? And hey doesn't Amber Heard -- who was voted the "Sexiest Up-&-Coming Bombshell" look so much like Blake that she could be her evil twin?