'Gossip Girl' exclusive video: All hail Blair Waldorf!

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gossip-girl-100-blair-chuck.jpg "Gossip Girl" is full of witty banter, but without a doubt the most notably quotable character of all is the Queen B herself, Blair Waldorf ( Leighton Meester).

In celebration of the series' highly-anticipated 100th episode, in which Blair's highly anticipated wedding to Prince Louis finally takes place (or does it?) the CW has put together a little Blair retrospective for you, and Zap2it has its exclusive debut.

There are a whole lot of Blair-and-Chuck moments crammed into this 45-second clip -- a clue, perhaps, to how things really turn out for the potential future Princess of Monaco? We'll never tell, so you'll have to tune in Monday at 8 p.m. EST to find out.


Photo/Video credit: The CW