'Gossip Girl': Are we getting flashbacks to Serena's boarding school days?!

gossip-girl-ben-serena.gifAttention Upper East Siders: New stills from "Gossip Girl's" Dec. 6 episode "The Townie" have been released and they are good. Really good.

It appears we will finally see  flashbacks to Serena's (Blake Lively) days at boarding school where she wears cute uniforms (houndstooth tights!) ...and hangs out with Ben (David Call)?

Yes, Ben as in cute-guy-in-jail-hellbent-on-ruining-Serena's-life Ben. It seems like we will finally be getting some answers as to what Serena did to so royally piss Ben off and based on these pictures, we've got a theory: We're guessing Colin (Sam Page) wasn't Serena's first professor-boyfriend.

We learned in a previous episode that Ben was a teacher and he's 26 years-old. That would make him 22 years-old when Serena was at boarding school four years ago. Only problem there is she was 15 at the time. Maybe this is the real reason S came back to the UES? Sure, it seems highly unlikely a fresh out of college youngster would get a teaching job at an uber-exclusive boarding school, but this is "Gossip Girl" we're talking about. Reality has no place in this world and that's why we love it.

While this Ben-Serena connection is obviously the biggest thing to take away from the pictures, there's also the return of one of out favorite characters to look forward to: Damien (Kevin Zegers), Jenny's (Taylor Momsen) drug dealing' boyfriend who dumped her when she wouldn't sleep with him. Naturally, we loved him.

It also seems Juliet (Katie Cassidy) is still around wrecking havoc and, shockingly, not wearing business suits.

serena-boarding-school.gifgossip-girl-damien.gifgossip-girl-juliet-blair.gif We've got to say, we're really looking forward to this episode. What do you think? Glad we are finally getting answers about Ben? Are you as excited as we are for bad boy, Damien?

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Photo credit: CW