'Gossip Girl' mama drama: Is Blair having Chuck's baby?

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blair-chuck-louis-question.jpgThe fact that Blair's tiny baby bump hasn't yet hit the blogosphere on "Gossip Girl" is a minor miracle, but the real social media networks are already abuzz with speculation about who the father of her fetus is. (Just search the hashtag "#babybass" on Twitter and you'll see what we mean.)

The identity of B's baby daddy won't be a mystery for long, though Blair ( Leighton Meester) does her best to remain blissfully unaware in Monday's episode, despite Dan's ( Penn Badgley) efforts otherwise.

As of now, however, the question remains: Is Chuck ( Ed Westwick) the father of the baby, or is the child the potential heir to Prince Louis' ( Hugo Becker) throne? Weigh in below in our poll and let us know who you think -- or who you hope -- the father of the baby is... and whether you think Blair will go through with her wedding once the father is revealed.

We're including a "somebody else" category just in case, but after Dan's rather non-panicked reaction last week, we're guessing that the first "Dair" kiss last season didn't quite progress to baby-making.

Photo/Video credit: The CW