'Gossip Girl' sneak peek: Blair's bachelorette bash

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gossip-girl-bachelorette-cw.jpgBefore the royal wedding takes place (or maybe it won't?) on " Gossip Girl," Blair ( Leighton Meester) has to have one last night of fun at her bachelorette party. And in some sneak peak photos of the Monday's (Jan. 23) episode, it appears that Blair and her girlfriends know how to have more than a little fun.

While the drunken debauchery is bound to be the overriding theme of the night, Nate ( Chace Crawford) remains busy as he attempts to figure out the truth behind the car accident that nearly claimed Chuck ( Ed Westwick) and Blair. If the closing moments of last week are any indication, it might just involve a partnership with Gossip Girl herself.

Plus there's whatever is going on between Serena ( Blake Lively) and Dan ( Penn Badgley). While the two pretended to be dating to help protect Blair's secret, their fateful New Year's Eve kiss may reignite the flames of their past relationship. And then there's Chuck. Poor Chuck just wants answers from Blair as to why she is no longer speaking with him. We're guessing she won't tell.

So many questions. Hopefully we'll get some answers.

Uh oh. Uh oh.


Photo/Video credit: The CW