'Gossip Girl' sneak peek: Dan's book could make things uncomfortable

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gossip-girl-0504-1-cw.jpg Well, it looks like Dan is throwing caution to the wind.

In preview photos for Monday's (Oct. 17) episode of "Gossip Girl," Dan
( Penn Badgley) is seen amidst a stack of newly printed versions of his Upper East Side tell-all "Inside." This comes after months of steadfastly refusing to do anything about the book except keep it hidden away for good.

Now if Dan's past apprehension about his book is any indication, viewers can expect this to make things difficult with a number of people, not least of which is Blair
( Leighton Meester) .

As for other stories that will emerge, look for Nate
( Chace Crawford) to continue his descent into News of the World-style journalism as he further investigates the text message on Ivy/Charlie's ( Kaylee DeFer ) phone.

And then there's Chuck
( Ed Westwick) . Mr. Bass has been acting aloof and distant ever since returning from L.A. And to make matters worse, he's still reeling from Blair's big announcement (she's preggers) and then her pronouncement (she wished it was his kid).

Uh oh. Uh oh.

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Photo/Video credit: The CW