'Gossip Girl' Taylor Momsen's Hair-Raising Don't

Jessicaszohr_240 Up until last night, the character with the worst hair on Gossip Girl was Jessica Szohr as Vanessa, hands down. Szohr was so cute on ABC's What About Brian that we had no trouble believing a guy would dump Stacy Keibler for her. Then she shows up as 'Nessa From the Block in Manhattan with a head full of frizzy home-perm curls and a fake-and-bake tan and all we want to do is knock her down and shave it all off a la her book counterpart.

Still, that in no way compares to Taylor Momsen's Jenny Humphrey going for a tarty blonde, flat-ironed, heavily-banged shag. The criminal use of black eyeliner only underscoring the need for dad Rufus to step in and say, "No daughter of mine is leaving the house looking like that."

Sarahchalke_scrubs_240_2 Women on TV -- as in real-life -- often make sudden, drastic, dubious hair decisions when they want to start fresh (Felicity on Felicity) or change how others perceive them (Elliot on Scrubs). That doesn't necessarily mean it's a good idea. After all, we're still waiting for an explanation from Laura Prepon on why she thinks she's better off as a blonde rather than a redhead.

Luckily, TV men are not immune from such physical travesties, although in their case it's supposed to be a shorthand broadcasting of a character trait. We know that Raising the Bar's Mark-Paul Gosselaar is unconventional because he has that too-long Caveman Lawyer coif. Heroes' present-day Peter Petrelli has sensitive, emo, floppy hair while sinister future Peter wears his hair slicked back.

Taylormomsen_240 Previously, Jenny's innocent looks aided her in flying under the radar as she attempted to climb the social ladder and overthrow the Queen B, Blair. But now she looks exactly like the kind of girl who gets too big for her britches, burns a major bridge with her fashion mentor, lets Marissa Cooper's little sister talk her into dancing around in her underwear for a skeezy photographer and kisses her older brother's friend.

So much for the element of surprise. Next week we fully expect to see her doing an eightball with Amy Winehouse.

What do you think of Taylor Momsen's new look? Any other TV makeovers the haven't gone over too well with you?