'Gossip Girl': 'The Sixteen Year Old Virgin' seeks Serena's advice

jenny-SYOV.jpgIn "Gossip Girl's" March 15 episode, we saw Little J run away to be with Damian and Dan and Vanessa cut the chatter and get down to business (if you know what we mean).

In March 22's "The Sixteen Year Old Virgin," you "GG" fans can expect to see Jenny (the virgin) getting some sex advice on the "first time" from Serena (sex goddess) -- who tells J to think twice before jumping into the sack with Damian.

As for the friends-turned-secret-lovers couple, expect Dan and Vanessa to struggle to keep their newfound passion under wraps in public. Note to Vanessa: It's not very nice to tell Dan you're not wearing any underwear when the rule is hands off.

To get a sneak peak at clips from "The Sixteen Year Old Virgin," watch below:

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Photo credits: The CW