'Gossip Girl' web clip teasers from 'The Lady Vanished'

the-lady-vanished.jpg Zap2it already gave you a sneak peak of what to expect on Monday's (Mar. 15) episode of "Gossip Girl," but here's a quick recap:

- Chuck gets closer to finding the identity of the mystery woman ... is she his mother or not, already?

- Jenny's grip on morality loosens even further as she continues to hang out with the devilish Damien.

- Dan and Vanessa struggle through the awkwardness of dating other people -- and share a smooch somewhere in the midst of discussing their feelings.

- Serena and Nate are like dogs in heat and continue to do the nasty everywhere -- including the kitchen.

Here are a couple clips from Monday night's episode to help get you amped:

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Photo credits: The CW