'Gossip Girl's' Blake Lively gets bikinilicious for Vogue June cover

blake-lively-vogue.jpg"Gossip Girl's" Blake Lively sports a white bikini (concealed by a V-neck sweater -- sorry guys) on the June cover of Vogue.

But if you flip through the pages of the high fashion mag, the V-neck comes off and Lively's fab abs are exposed in an itsy bitsy plain white bikini.

Lively seems to be a Vogue cover favorite, and in case anyone wonders why the fashionista is on the cover after just appearing on it last year, editor-in-chief Anna Wintour explains in her letter from the editor:

"Lively has been in VOGUE before--when Gossip Girl made its initial dent in the popular psyche in March 2008; for her first cover with Mario Testino and Tonne Goodman, in February 2009; and as the style icon du jour for New York socials in March 2010. She's a terrific role model for young women: sporty, healthy, family-minded, and effortlessly lovely."