'Gotham' will give Zack Snyder's Batman a run for his money, and these photos prove it

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"Batman vs. Superman" director Zack Snyder has revealed the first photo of Ben Affleck as Batman, alongside his Batmobile, and it's pretty cool. It's not necessarily the best imagery from the Batman universe released this week, though.

When FOX announced their fall 2014 TV schedule, with it came stills from the "Gotham" pilot, giving a glimpse at what to expect from the Batman prequel series. While cast photos are nice to look act, seeing actual pictures from an episode paint a much better picture of the show's tone.

The image that stands out most is James Gordon getting in the face of Oswald Cobblepot, the man who will become Penguin. The sneer on Gordon's face as he deals with the scum of Gotham City is a good indicator of the character's approach to his work. In a world before Batman, Gordon was the protector of Gotham at any cost. It looks like he'll do that by force if needed, based on Cobblepot's bloody nose.

The still of him with a young Bruce Wayne shortly after the murder of his parents, is also notable. With the bond formed between them being such a driving force in the series, seeing their first interaction, Wayne as a terrified child and Gordon as an inexperienced detective, is a special moment.

The other images feature Gordon's partner Harvey Bullock and Fish Mooney, gangster boss in Gotham. You can see more photos in our gallery. "Gotham" premieres in the fall.


Photo/Video credit: FOX