'Gracepoint' trailer: David Tennant and Anna Gunn star in FOX's 'Broadchurch' remake

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The first look at FOX's upcoming "Gracepoint" has been revealed, which means it's also time to hear exactly what former "Doctor Who" star David Tennant's American accent sounds like. Luckily, it's pretty good.

"Gracepoint," which also stars "Breaking Bad" alum Anna Gunn, is a US remake of the BBC series "Broadchurch." Tennant essentially plays the same character on both shows, a detective from a large city, hoping to find a simpler life in a small town.

That all goes out the window when a young boy is murdered, and the search for his killer begins. "Gracepoint" is a 10-episode event series and will air Thursdays in the fall at 9 p.m. ET/PT on FOX.
Photo/Video credit: FOX