Grammy Awards 2012: Nicki Minaj and the 'Pope' try to out-Gaga Lady Gaga

138833751.jpgWe'll admit it: When we saw Nicki Minaj hit the red carpet at the Grammy Awards, we thought she was Lady Gaga. Dressing as a Cardinal and hiring an elderly man to play her Pope is just... so. very. Gaga. The whole ensemble was custom Versace, setting up the monastery-themed performance of Minaj's new single, "Roman Holiday."

We assume Minaj was doing her best to be provocative, but instead of coming off as blasphemous, the red carpet stunt paled in comparison to last year's egg/womb/spiky face spectacle from Gaga.

Perhaps Minaj was taking a cue from Madonna, with whom she performed at the Super Bowl last week. Madonna is famous for stirring up controversy with religious imagery, particularly early in her career. Minaj may have gotten a more pleasant reaction

Chris Harrison's best comment? "Insert joke here," he said lamely.

What do you think, readers? A bold, original move or a desperate play for Gaga's spotlight?
Photo/Video credit: Getty Images