Grammys 2013 audience GIFs: Chris Brown and Rihanna cuddle, Taylor Swift dances and more

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Chris Brown and Rihanna reunited. Taylor Swift was a dancing fool.

While we are supposed to be watching the big musical acts on stage at the Grammys, sometimes the audience is even more entertaining. And thanks to the magic of GIFs, we can relive -- over and over -- some of the best audience moments of the 55th Grammy Awards.

Some audience members were, of course, more entertaining than others. Whether it was because of their inherent coolness or because of the number of cameras watching, there were a few people we just couldn't miss.

Take Taylor Swift, for example. While her big stage performance was interesting -- to say the least -- the young singer's performance out in the audience may have been even better.

grammys-2013-gifs-taylor-swift-performance-cbs.gifDuring the Bob Marley tribute, Taylor was especially enthusiastic in her response.

grammys-2013-gifs-taylor-swift-2-cbs.gifLike really enthusiastic.

grammys-2013-gifs-taylor-swift-3-cbs.gifAnd she danced a lot.

grammys-2013-gifs-taylor-swift-4-cbs.gifTaylor wasn't the only one dancing, of course. During the performance, cameras also caught Adele and "How I Met Your Mother" star Neil Patrick Harris getting into the groove.

grammys-2013-gifs-neil-patrick-harris-adele-cbs.gifEven Chris Brown showed off some moves.

grammys-2013-gifs-chris-brown-cbs.gifSpeaking of Chris Brown, he and Rihanna were definitely back together for the Grammy Awards presentation.

grammys-2013-gifs-chris-brown-rihanna-cbs.gifThey looked happy. Brown did not, however, look happy when Frank Ocean won his award at the beginning of the show. In fact, Chris Brown may have been the only person sitting when Ocean went up to get the statue.

grammys-2013-gifs-frank-ocean-chris-brown-cbs.gifOthers at the Grammys were more gracious. When fun. won their first Grammy award of the night, the band randomly thanked Jay-Z for the honor.

grammys-2013-gifs-fun-win-cbs.gifJay-Z graciously accepted the thanks.

Did we miss anyone in the audience?

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images, CBS