Grammys 2013: Lisa D'Amato debuts healed face, along with scary dress

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lisa-damato-grammy-awards-2013.jpg "America's Next Top Model: All-Stars" winner Lisa D'Amato had a scary accident recently on a movie set. She and a crew member were "monkeying around" and she fell, then the crew member fell on top of her.

She landed face first, sustaining some horrible scrapes and a broken nose. D'Amato chronicled her recovery by posting pictures on Instagram (as one does), but she finally debuted her healed face at the Grammy Awards Sunday night (Feb. 10).

We're glad to see everything appears to be looking great, though we are left wondering if the fall she took rattled her brains a bit -- that dress is a big no. Just no.

Sorry, Lisa. Love you!


Photo/Video credit: Getty Images