Grammys 2013: Who is Al Walser and why is he wearing an astronaut suit?

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There are lots of crazy costumes worn at the Grammys, but most of them stay at least a little bit down-to-earth. This was not the case for one nominee at the 55th Grammy Awards -- Al Walser. But who is the man behind the space helmet?

Walser is a nominee for Best Dance Recording for his single, "I Can't Live Without You." Born in Switzerland to a Liechtensteinian mother and an African father, Walser made his name as a DJ in Europe and later joined Fun Factory, a German "Eurodance" group.

Surprisingly, "I Can't Live Without You" is only Walser's second single -- three years after his first, "Living the Dream" from 2009. A music producer in Europe and the host of "Al Walser's Weekly Top 20" on EDM, Walser has the distinction of being an almost-unknown nominee in his category.

What's up with the astronaut costume? Apparently, this is his normal costume for performances. Since the Grammys are a performance of sorts (even if the artist is not actually sharing that music from the stage), of course he had to show up as a spaceman.

Want to know more about Al Walser? His YouTube page has a helpful video to explain that.

For more on the space suit, here is Walser shopping for an outfit.

If you want to hear the Grammy-nominated single, click here.

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images, YouTube