Grammys 2013 Worst Dressed: Adele, Katy Perry, and Carly Rae Jepsen don't impress on the red carpet

grammys-worst-adele-florence-carly-rae.jpgThe Grammy Awards tend to welcome the wild cards when it comes to fashion -- in fact, this year, CBS even sent a memo warning people to keep their outfits on the conservative side (and avoid showing off "puffy skin" around their genitals). Unfortunately, the bare skin wasn't the problem this year -- in fact, some of the worst outfits didn't dare to bare at all.

Adele's Valentino print dress wasn't her best look -- it was less high fashion, more mom's tablecloth. Like Adele, Florence Welch went for a conservative cut, but her metallic Givenchy gown didn't make us green with envy. Instead, its odd spikes kind of reminded us of Gaga's facial prosthetics during the early "Born This Way" promotion.

Carly Rae Jepsen was totally at the top of our most-played list for 2012, but she's hitting the wrong note in 2013. Her black Roberto Cavalli dress and lifeless hairstyle aged her significantly.

grammys-worst-katy-chrissy.jpgWe were on the fence about Katy Perry's rule-breaking seafoam green gown, embellished with floral jewels, we ultimately had to put the Gucci number on our "Worst" list -- mostly because she didn't look particularly comfortable in it. If you're gonna show off your cleavage, work it!

Finally, despite our endless love for her sassy Twitter, we have to give John Legend's fiancee, Chrissy Tiegen, a thumbs down for her midriff-baring black lace dress by Joy Cioci. The model almost hit the target but her mint green clutch and overdone side-swept hairstyle left the outfit off-balance.

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images