Grammys 2014: Let's talk about Steven Tyler's mustache

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steven-tyler-facial-hair-grammys-gi.jpgWe need to have a little talk about Steven Tyler's facial hair. The Aerosmith singer (and former "American Idol" judge) showed up to the 56th Grammy Awards red carpet with a Captain Morgan-esque mustache and some Jack Sparrow-inspired hair. It was all very pirate-feeling, the dapper white suit notwithstanding.

Listen, the man's owned the drapey, dready, look for years now, but there's something about that mustache on his face (especially combined with his trademark grin) that really isn't gelling.

But hey, Smokey Robinson, Jared Leto and Pauley Perrette didn't seem to have a problem with it.

The real question: Is it worse than Nate Ruess's 'stache?


Photo/Video credit: Getty Images