Grammys 2014: Pink wins the night with her incredible aerial acrobatics performance

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Forget all the awards handed out at the 56th Grammys on Sunday (Jan. 26). We just want to re-watch Pink's performance over and over and over again.

The pop star wowed us per usual with her high-flying acrobatics during her performance of "Try." And no, she does not lip sync. That was all live, and all talent. And all Cirque du Soleil caliber of athleticism. Is she super-human?

After pulling off some amazing and beautiful aerial tricks, she came down to earth to show off some even more amazing and beautiful acrobatics on the ground with a hot shirtless man, still singing live and sounding perfect:


Unfortunately, Pink was then joined onstage by her "Just Give Me a Reason" vocal partner, Nate Ruess from the band fun. 

We love the song, and Pink was still as impressive as ever, delivering her vocals on perfect pitch and key even after her strenuous physical performance only seconds before. But Ruess didn't show off the same level of talent and was off-key and off-pitch for the entire song. It was such a letdown to see and hear how unworthy Ruess was to share the stage with Pink. Better luck next time, fun.

Plus, that mustache! Ugh, Ruess, shave that off ASAP.

What did you think of Pink and Ruess' performance?

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images