Grammys 2014 Worst Dressed: Madonna, Katy Perry and a bunch of people you've never heard of

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katy-perry-madonna-2014-grammys-worst-dressed-gi.jpg Madonna was apparently going for the creepy puritanical preacher vibe with her 56th Grammy Awards outfit of wide-brim hat and wide-leg trousers and weird collared blouse. It is the Grammys and not one of the stuffier award shows, so this is probably the occasion to try it out. But she still made it on to Zap2it's worst dressed list, alongside Katy Perry and a bunch of random singers you probably haven't ever heard of.

Perry's dress, on the other hand, could've been totally lovely. And, by the way the red carpet pre-show hosts were talking about the gown, it probably really was in person. But on camera and in pictures, it looked like a froofy prom dress nightmare that the best singer in your senior class would've had made special for the occasion. But in this case it was Valentino.

cara-quici-2014-grammy-awards-worst-dressed-gi.jpg Cara Quici is a singer/songwriter dance-pop vocalist. She clearly wanted to make a splash on the red carpet, but the risque gown might have gone a bit too far. Either the exposed back, the side cutouts or the incredibly high leg slits -- pick one! Or even two. All three, though, make the coulda-been-good gown a no-no. (Plus, the hair -- ick.)

Both Fantasia Barrino and Pussycat Dolls singer Kaya Jones chose black dresses with see-through panels -- too bad neither works. (Fantasia's would probably look lovely if the skirt had been totally opaque. Alas, it is not.)

fantasia-barrino-kaya-jones-grammys-worst-dressed-gi.jpgIn addition to being a singer of some sort, Nadeea is also a person who forgot to brush her hair before wearing all of the rhinestones in the world to the red carpet. Malina Moye is a "singer/songwriter, lefty guitarist and entrepreneur who fuses R&B, soul and rock," according to her Wikipedia page, and she is also someone who chose an unfortunate color combination for her Grammys dress. Orange? Sure. Cream? Sure. Together? Nope.


Photo/Video credit: Getty Images