Grammys 2014: Yoko Ono dances to Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr on 'Queenie Eye' - watch

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ringo-starr-paul-mccartney-2014-grammy-awards-queenie-eye-duet.jpgFor the 56th annual Grammy Awards Sunday (Jan. 26), the two surviving Beatles took to the stage for a rousing performance of "Queenie Eye," the second single off Paul McCartney's 2013 album "New."

McCartney was playing a psychedelic, rainbow upright piano, while Ringo Starr was behind him rocking out on the old skins. In case you were wondering what was going on on the screens in the background, that was the music video for "Queenie Eye" (which is below if you'd like to see it. It features all of McCartney's famous besties, including Meryl Streep and Johnny Depp.)

The best part of the performance of "Queenie Eye" at the Grammys is that Yoko Ono was rocking out in the audience -- well, as much as a tiny 80-year-old woman can rock out. Hilarious. Vine of that below too.

We'll post video of the duet as soon as we have it.

Photo/Video credit: CBS