'Green Lantern': See freakish Peter Sarsgaard on a newly-released poster

lantern-hammond.jpgOn Wednesday (May 11), Warner Brothers unveiled a new promotional poster for the upcoming "Green Lantern." We have to be honest: we're still on the fence about Lantern -- hot Ryan Reynolds or not. So we're not convinced that this poster, featuring Peter Sarsgaard as the villainous Hector Hammond helps matters.

Sure, we get he's playing a bad guy who exposes himself to a meteorite (you know what we mean) and gets a "Megamind"-sized brain for his trouble -- but did they really need to chip away at Peter's hairline so severely and give him that creepy '70s-era 'stache?

Surely they could've found a way to update Hammond's look without turning Sarsgaard into the poster boy for male pattern baldness. It's downright cruel to members of the Peter Sarsgaard Fanclub/Adulation Society.

Based on other photos we've seen, he actually looks much worse before the movie ends, so kudos to Peter for being willing to go there, but yeah -- we're still on the fence.
Photo/Video credit: Warner Brothers