'Grey's Anatomy': Watch the first act of the reality-bending 'If/Then'

The opening moments of Thursday's (Feb. 2) "Grey's Anatomy" establish that the alternate reality we see for the rest of the show is all in Meredith's ( Ellen Pompeo) head. Which, apparently, isn't the most logical place in the world.

You can watch the full first act of the episode, "If/Then" (it's about 9 1/2 minutes), above. Meredith's imagined world establishes that:

- Ellis Grey ( Kate Burton) is not only still alive, but also not suffering from Alzheimer's, is the chief of surgery at Seattle Grace and is married to Richard ( James Pickens Jr.).
- Meredith is the product of a stable, two-parent household and happily just engaged to Alex ( Justin Chambers), who wears glasses and is super-positive.
- Kepner ( Sarah Drew) is Meredith's go-to person, because everybody hates Cristina ( Sandra Oh). Also, Kepner is in love with Charles ( Robert Baker), who didn't die in the hospital shooting rampage that may or may not have happened. Does that mean Mandy Moore is still alive too?
- Derek ( Patrick Dempsey) and Addison ( Kate Walsh) are still married and expecting a baby, but Derek doesn't seem too happy about it.
- Also married: Owen ( Kevin McKidd) and Callie ( Sara Ramirez).
- Maybe because Ellis Grey is such a force of nature, Bailey ( Chandra Wilson) is a total wallflower.

There's even more to digest, but we'll stop there. Watch the video and let us know what you think -- do you like the alternate reality "If/Then" sets up?
Photo/Video credit: ABC