'Grimm': David Giuntoli and Russell Hornsby talk double lives and rats

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NBC is bringing the creepy factor on its Friday night fairy tale show " Grimm." But the program is more than meets the eye. It has a complex back story for its main character Nick Burkhardt ( David Giuntoli) who is constantly fending off his foes while keeping secrets from friends, including fellow cop Hank Griffin ( Russell Hornsby).

The stars of the show, Giuntoli and Hornsby, sat down with Zap2it to talk about a variety of subjects. Here are a few highlights:

On how Burkhardt will keep his identity a secret: "As the show goes on, I realize that the bad boys are coming for me where ever I am...It's getting dangerously close to everybody...I'm spinning a lot of plates. I'm trying to figure out how to live a double life."

On Hornsby's favorite Grimm tale: "I enjoy 'The Pied Piper' because I'm deathly afraid of rats. And it's like one of those things where what you're afraid of, you're attracted to."

On Burkhardt's relationship with Monroe: "It's always a tentative relationship with Monroe. I think he'll bite me and I think he'll help me. But which one we're going to get, we don't know."

On how Burkhardt will fend off his foes: "Eventually I'm going to have to start working some of these people: politically, strong arming them, making them stay away from my friends, working with them and making alliances."

The show airs at 9 p.m. ET on Fridays.
Photo/Video credit: Zap2it