'Grimm': 'Dexter' star David Zayas lands guest spot

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david-zayas-2011-getty.jpgWhat is it with "Grimm" and hiring people who have worked on creepy shows? The latest person to follow this trend is "Dexter" star David Zayas as he will guest on an upcoming episode of the haunted procedural.

Zayas, who is best known for playing Angel Batista on the Showtime series, will play a giant troll-like creature called a Hasslich. TVLine is reporting that Zayas's character is a building inspector who runs a racketeering scam. But he starts to face problems when some people, the beaver-like Eisbibers, reject his demands.

Past "Grimm" guest stars have come from shows like "The Vampire Diaries," "LOST," "True Blood" and "American Horror Story."

The episode, titled "Leave it to the Beavers," will air later this spring.

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images