'Grimm': Rat-a-eww-ee

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grimm-rats-nbc.jpgIf there's one thing to say about the special Thursday night edition of " Grimm" it's "Awww rats! Lots and lots of rats."

The fairytale/cop drama is doing their take on the Pied Piper after a high school teacher is killed by a pack of furry rodents. It promises to be as gruesome as the recent flash mob/bee episode.

Following the announcement that "Grimm" was picked up for a full season, NBC decided to give the show a Thursday night airing. Networks sources have said this is not part of any long-term plan to move the series, but rather to just build its audience. The upcoming drama " The Firm" will ultimately fill in the 10 p.m. Thursday spot starting Jan. 12.

But, while the cat's away, the mice (or in this case, the rats) will play.

Here's a preview video...

Photo/Video credit: NBC