'Grimm': Watch 20-plus minutes of the premiere, plus a sneak peek at 'Chuck'

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The debut of NBC's new Friday duo of "Chuck" and "Grimm" is a week away, but to tide you over till then the network is giving you a long look at both shows.

How long? You might want to block out about a half-hour. Up above you can watch the first 23 minutes of the "Grimm" pilot, about a cop ( David Giuntoli) who discovers he's the last in the line of Grimms, people who can see the fairy-tale monsters hiding in plain sight among us (yep, the Grimm stories are real).

You can also get a link to the full pilot by following @NBCGrimm on Twitter.

If that's not enough of an enticement, the "Grimm" preview is followed by the first few minutes of "Chuck's" season premiere, featuring Morgan ( Joshua Gomez) getting his first run at using the Intersect and guest star Mark Hamill putting Carmichael Industries in peril.

Both shows premiere Friday, Oct. 28, "Chuck" at 8 p.m. ET and "Grimm" at 9.
Photo/Video credit: NBC