Halle Berry turns 45, remains gorgeous. Happy birthday, Halle

halle-berry-45-1.jpg Halle Berry turned 45 on Sunday (Aug. 14), and though we're a day late, we'd like to wish her a happy birthday.

She spent part of her birthday on the beach in Malibu with her daughter, Nahla, boyfriend Olivier Martinez and a few other friends. She wore a pink bikini, which occasioned a bunch of "Halle Berry is 45 but still looks amazing!" stories online. Which is entirely true ( birthday-bikini evidence here) -- and also completely unsurprising.

The picture above is from late May, less than three months ago. We know the aging process will eventually be less than kind to us all, but we were pretty sure that simply turning 45 wouldn't cause Berry to go from stunning to plain overnight. In fact, we suspect she'll be one of those people who'll remain beautiful for pretty much the rest of her life -- which isn't entirely fair to us mortals, but we can live with it.

More photographic evidence of Berry's mid-40s beauty is below.

halle-berry-45-2.jpg halle-berry-45-3.jpg halle-berry-45-4.jpgMany happy returns, Halle, and we'll see you in "New Year's Eve" in December.

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images