Hank Azaria channels 'The Simpsons' for Dodgers lineup announcement

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hank-azaria-dodger-simpsons-gi.jpg Hank Azaria channeled the voices of several characters from "The Simpsons" Monday (June 10) while announcing the starting lineup for the Los Angeles Dodgers. 

Clad in a Los Angeles jersey and a pair of shades, Azaria, who provides the voices for many of the most beloved characters on the FOX animated series, took the field at Dodgers Stadium as some of Springfield's favorites: Bartender Moe Szyslak, Kwik-E-Mart worker Apu, and Police Chief Wiggum.

Azaria also mimicked a sports announcer as he introduced each of the visitors from Springfield. And this particular character sounds remarkably similar to the Dodgers' legendary play-by-play sportscaster, Vin Scully. Azaria also threw out the ceremonial first pitch.

Azaria has been in a longstanding legal battle with actor Craig Bierko over the rights to a non-'Simpsons' character, a fictional sports announcer named Jim Brockmire, made famous by a "Funny or Die" video. Azaria plans to develop a feature film based on the Brockmire character.

Photo/Video credit: MLB