Hank Williams, Jr. apologizes for equating Obama with Hitler, claims he's 'misunderstood'

hank-willams-mnf-getty.jpgJust hours after country star Hank Williams, Jr. made comments equating President Barack Obama to Adolf Hitler, he got sacked from his regular "Are you ready for some football?" intro spot on ESPN's "Monday Night Football."

So now Williams begins his "I'm sorry if I offended you" tour. The first stop was on his website.

Williams writes, "Some of us have strong opinions and are often misunderstood. My analogy was extreme - but it was to make a point. I was simply trying to explain how stupid it seemed to me - how ludicrous that pairing was. They're polar opposites and it made no sense. They don't see eye-to-eye and never will. I have always respected the office of the President."

He adds, "Every time the media brings up the tea party it's painted as racist and extremists - but there's never a backlash - no  outrage to those comparisons...Working class people are hurting - and it doesn't seem like anybody cares. When both sides are high-fiving it on the ninth hole when everybody else is without a job - it makes a whole lot of us angry.  Something has to change. The policies have to change."

On Monday (Oct. 3) Williams told Fox News' Gretchen Carlson that when Obama and Speaker of the House John Boeher took part in what became known as the "Golf Summit," it was comparable to "Hitler playing golf with [Israeli Prime Minister] Netanyahu."

ESPN quickly responded by unloading Williams. In a statement the network said, "We are extremely disappointed with his comments."

Here's the video from Fox News...

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images