'Hannibal' casts 'Wonderfalls' star Caroline Dhavernas

caroline-dhavernas-hannibal-gi.jpg Bryan Fuller is bringing a star of one of his former shows along for the ride on his new NBC series "Hannibal."

Caroline Dhavernas -- who starred in Fuller's short-lived FOX dramedy "Wonderfalls" -- will play a psychiatrist who consults with the FBI on "Hanniabal." The show will premiere sometime in 2013 on NBC.

Fuller tweeted the news Wednesday night (Aug. 1), and TVLine has some details: Dhavernas will play a character named Dr. Alana Stewart, a former student of Hannibal Lecter's ( Mads Mikkelsen) who now teaches at Georgetown and sometimes works with the FBI.

She introduces Lecter to her FBI boss, Jack Crawford ( Laurence Fishburne), and profiler Will Graham ( Hugh Dancy), and there's your series.

Dhavernas also starred on ABC's "Off the Map" in 2010-11. Her other recent credits include "The Pacific" and "Devil."
Photo/Video credit: Getty Images