'Hannibal' Season 1 finale spoilers: 5 things to expect from Will's showdown with Lecter

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hannibal-finale-mads-mikkelsen-hugh-dancy.jpg"Hannibal" is racing toward a big finish for Season 1, as Dr. Lecter has just about everyone convinced Will Graham could be a killer, including Will himself.

We took an advance look at tonight's finale, "Savoureux," to serve up these five tasty teases of what to expect:

hannibal-finale-hugh-dancy.jpg 1) Will goes over the edge

Now that we've reached the end, we know this season was about Will Graham's slow descent into madness (and we can't help but wonder if Hugh Dancy picked up any tips on playing TV crazy from his Emmy winning wife -- "Homeland" star Claire Danes). The finale is the culmination of that arc and will provide an answer as to whether Will sees the light or risks getting lost in the darkness forever.

2) Jack places Will under arrest

Hannibal has done an impeccable job putting the pieces in place so that everyone -- including Will himself -- is ready to believe Will Graham is a crazed killer. Jack Crawford knows he's somewhat responsible by keeping Will on duty, but also has no qualms about arresting his colleague (as seen in the preview video below).

hannibal-gillian-anderson.jpg 3) Dr. du Maurier returns

Gillian Anderson's guest turn as the retired psychiatrist who just can't quit Dr. Lecter has been one of the season's juicier recurring characters, and she returns for the finale with a significant role to play.

4) Abigail Hobbs may or may not return

We're gonna be a little more vague about this one. You'll notice Kacey Rohl -- who plays Abigail -- is credited as a guest star, but last week's cliffhanger ending (when Abigail realized the truth about Hannibal during their talk) left her fate deliberately unclear for a reason.

5) Will and Hannibal face off

If you think everything's building toward an epic confrontation between Will and Hannibal ... you're not entirely wrong. As NBC's promo reveals, Will does start to suspect Hannibal isn't who he seems. But Will is also losing his mind, so ... you can't always believe what you see.

Check out NBC's promo for tonight's season finale of "Hannibal":

Photo/Video credit: NBC