Happy birthday, Chris Pratt: Ogle his hottest looks from 'Zero Dark Thirty' to 'Guardians of the Galaxy' and more

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chris-pratt-35-birthday.jpg Happy birthday, Chris Pratt!

The "Parks and Recreation" star turns 35 on Saturday (June 21), and instead of eating some birthday cake, the TV-turned-movie star is probably going to forgo eating something filled with sugar and fat for something a little healthier, seeing as how he's completely transformed his once-schlubby figure into a rock-hard body fit for a god

Seriously, have you seen him lately?

This is what Pratt used to look like on the NBC comedy as Andy Dwyer, the unapologetically bigger-bodied goofball:

fat-andy-dwyer-on-parks-and-rec.jpgAnd this is what he looked like after dropping 60 lbs. (by just cutting out beer from his diet?) for the blockbuster hit "Zero Dark Thirty" ...

chris-pratt-zero-dark-thirty-body.jpgAnd the body transformations didn't stop there. Check out what Pratt is going to look like in the upcoming Marvel movie "Guardians of the Galaxy:"

Because he's an overachiever, Pratt continued with his movie domination (and hot body domination) with the upcoming "Jurassic World" reboot. And he still looks fiiiine:

So instead of giving Pratt a gift on his birthday, let's just thank him for gifting us with photos to ogle of his supreme hotness. Thank you, indeed.

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images