Happy birthday, Chuck Norris: 'Walker, Texas Ranger's' craziest moments

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These days, Chuck Norris is mostly known for his appearances in "The Expendables 2," but he's has a very long history on the big and small screens.

Celebrating a birthday Monday (March 10), Norris might best be remembered as the star of "Walker, Texas Ranger." He was out there dispensing justice with roundhouse kicks even before it became a meme that threatened to tear the internet apart. Armed with a pair of boots and his trusty hat, no bad guy was safe from Walker.

There was a lot of weird on that show though, in addition to the regular busting up of villains. In fact, it got so insane that Conan O'Brien made a regular segment out of bizarre "Walker" clips on his old "Late Night" show.

If you remember the "Walker, Texas Ranger" lever, you know exactly what to expect from the videos below. However, if you're new to this particular part of Norris' career, enjoy. Happy birthday, Chuck.

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images/NBC