Happy birthday, Elijah Wood: 5 random reasons why the 'Wilfred' star is awesome


Happy birthday, Elijah Wood!

The "Wilfred" star turns 33 on Tuesday (Jan. 28), so we decided to celebrate by picking five random reasons why he's awesome. And believe us, there were many, because he's a regular Renaissance man.

5. He just unintentionally started a campaign to guest star on The CW's "Hart of Dixie." -- look how good he looks next to the male cast members


4. He moonlights as a DJ:


3. He actually pretends to be happy and excited when he sees paparazzi:


2. He sometimes acts awkward, even in front of the cameras:


1. Not only is he a frequent musical festival goer, but he also happily stops to take selfies with fans:


So happy birthday, Elijah! Keep on being awesome.

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images