Happy birthday, Emilia Clarke: 'Game of Thrones' Khaleesi's best moments

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emilia-clarke-birthday-gi.jpgBig birthday wishes go out to Emilia Clarke, the Mother of Dragons on "Game of Thrones." The actress best known as Daenerys Targaryen turns 27 on May 1.

What better way to celebrate her big day than look back over the amazing moments Dany has had over four seasons on "Game of Thrones"? Here are our favorite Khaleesi's most epic moments on the hit HBO TV series.

game-of-thrones-emilia-clarke-season-1-2.gif game-of-thrones-emilia-clarke-season-1-3.gif game-of-thrones-emilia-clarke-season-1-4.gif
game-of-thrones-emilia-clarke-season-1.gif game-of-thrones-emilia-clarke-season-1-5.gif game-of-thrones-emilia-clarke-season-3-6.gif
game-of-thrones-emilia-clarke-season-3-5.gif game-of-thrones-emilia-clarke-season-3-2.gif game-of-thrones-emilia-clarke-season-3-8.gif game-of-thrones-emilia-clarke-season-3.gif
game-of-thrones-emilia-clarke-season-4.gif game-of-thrones-emilia-clarke-season-3-7.gif
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Photo/Video credit: Getty Images, HBO