Happy birthday, Emma Roberts: 12 GIFs to remind who the true Supreme was on 'AHS: Coven'

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emma-roberts-birthday-fx.jpgAs uber-witch Madison Montgomery, Emma Roberts reigned supreme on "American Horror Story: Coven" -- even if Madison didn't, ultimately.

In honor of Roberts' 22nd birthday on Monday, Feb 10, let's take a look back at all those moments when she proved just was a boss she was as Madison in the best way possible -- GIFs!

That time an eye roll literally caused a hurricane

eyeroll.gif That time she was nice enough to apologize for her misdeeds

boy-candy.gif That time a finger wag brought all the boys to the yard

come-hither.gif That time she couldn't get down with all the sisterhood

kumbaya.gif That time a hair flip definitively proved who's boss

hair-flip-sabrina.gif That time she explained what she was hoping to get by wearing that dress

why-wear-dress.gif That time she couldn't help but be totally real

awesome.gif That time she made an offer no one could refuse

slave.gif That time she reminded everyone she was their superior

not-stupid.gif That time she rose from the dead with her priorities in check

dead-cigarette.gif That time she got her cigarette

got-her-cigarette.gif That time she was too good even for this list

bored.gifHappy birthday, Emma!
Photo/Video credit: FX