Happy birthday, James Spader: Best GIFs of 'The Blacklist' star

james-spader-less-than-zero.jpgHas there been an actor with a more interesting and varied career than James Spader? From the horrible Steff in "Pretty in Pink" to now the suavest sociopath on TV as Raymond Reddington on "The Blacklist." Above, he's darkly sexy and menacing as drug dealer Rip in "Less Than Zero."

In between his pretty-boy start and his Golden Globe-nominated turn on "The Blacklist," Spader earned three Emmys for his work as Alan Shore on "The Practice" and "Boston Legal," spanked Maggie Gyllenhaal in "Secretary" and weirded everybody out on "The Office."

In honor of his 54th birthday Friday (Feb. 7), here are the best Spader GIFs (plus one still shot from "Sex, Lies and Videotape" that we just really like). Happy birthday, Spader.

james-spader-pretty-in-pink.gif james-spader-pretty-in-pink-2.gif
Photo/Video credit: Internet Fair Use