Happy birthday, Jared Padalecki: Sam's best 'Supernatural' moments in GIFs

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jared-padalecki-birthday-post.jpg Happy birthday, Jared Padalecki!

The "Supernatural" hunk turns 32 on Saturday (July 19), and so obviously the best way to celebrate his big day is with Sam Winchester's best/hottest/coolest/etc. moments on "Supernatural" ... in GIF form.

You're welcome.

tumblr_mt0fj9tQwj1sgz79no1_250.gif tumblr_ms1r96RznS1sgz79no1_500.gif tumblr_inline_mi6rzr2nt21qz4rgp.gif sam-winchester-o.gif Jared-Padalecki-Sam-Winchester-Supernatural-GIF-shirtless.gifSo happy birthday, Jared!

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images/The CW