Happy birthday, Jason Bateman: A look back at Michael Bluth's worst moments

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Very happy birthday wishes go out to Jason Bateman. The "Arrested Development" actor turns 45 Tuesday (Jan. 14), and can happily say he has an incredible career behind him.

The best gift of his 44th year was easily the return of "Arrested Development" Season 4. In 2014 he can look forward to another big accomplishment: Making his new movie "The Family Fang." 

But if Bateman ever gets too down, at least he can pick himself up by knowing that he's done better than his onscreen "Arrested Development" counterpart Michael Bluth.

Oh, Michael. The Bluth patriarch hit his lowest point in "Arrested Development" Season 4 when he got punched in the face by his son George Michael, but that's far from his only bad moment. Here's a look down memory lane at the many times Michael hit rock bottom to help remind us all just how awesome Bateman is.

Getting punched by his own son


The moment when George Michael felt the need to punch his father in the face because of what a jerk he'd become was heartbreaking for fans and also the exact opposite of what Michael has ever wanted.

Hooking up with his son's lady


The cause of that punch? The fact that Michael couldn't be the bigger man and let George Michael date Rebel Alley like he should have. Someone's not getting the father of the year award.

Moving into his son's dorm


This, of course, all comes after Michael decided to move in with George Michael at college. Completely lacking awareness of how awful he was being, Michael even had to have George Michael vote him out of the dorm because he wouldn't take a hint.

Failing at his family business


Michael had to move in with George Michael because, after finishing development on Sudden Valley, the housing market collapsed and he realized the downside of building a community of homes that didn't have a road reaching to them.

Almost marrying Rita

Then there was that time he almost married a mentally challenged woman who he thought was a mature English lass (and then, later, a spy).

Building homes for Saddam Hussein


Technically this was George Sr.'s fault, but it was Michael who had to come face-to-face with Hussein's doubles -- or maybe even Hussein himself.

Not paying attention to his son's love life

Well before he tried to steal the women George Michael was dating, Michael also couldn't take the time to listen to his son talk about his lady problems -- particularly with his cousin Maeby.

Leaving Ann (her?) in Mexico


He also couldn't remember his son's girlfriend enough to realize he left her behind in Mexico. Whoops.

Burning down the banana stand

Michael only realized what the line "there's always money in the banana stand" meant after he burned it to the ground.

Being played by Maggie Lizer

Lust can cause the greatest blindness of all.

Which is your favorite of Michael's low points?

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