Happy birthday, Jenna-Louise Coleman: 10 'Doctor Who' GIFs proving she's an amazing companion

"Doctor Who" may be in-between seasons, but it's always a good time to celebrate one of the Doctor's companions. It's Jenna-Louise Coleman's birthday and while Whovians aren't quite sure what her chemistry with new Doctor Peter Capaldi will be like, she's given every indication that she's a pretty perfect companion.

If you need proof, check out the animated GIFs below. Coleman proves time and again that both she and her character Clara are the best.

She has a sarcastic streak needed to keep the Doctor in line.

As with most companions, she's still sort of got a thing for him, though.

Still, once in a while she knows how to put him in line.

She's always up for trying new things, which is an important trait when traveling the galaxy. Take crazy food, for instance.

Food isn't the only thing she's willing to take a chance on, though.

She challenges the Doctor. This one quote says it all, turning his usual phrase on its side.

It's not just Clara, either. Jenna is obviously a fan of her first Doctor, Matt Smith.

No, she's really a fan.

Maybe the most important trait Clara has that is needed is she's constantly asking the same question we all want to know.

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images/BBC/Tumblr