Happy birthday, Joseph Gordon-Levitt: A true song-and-dance man

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joseph-gordon-levitt-dancing-late-night-birthday.jpgIn honor of Joseph Gordon-Levitt's 33rd birthday Monday (Feb. 17), here's a tribute to his rather remarkable talent of being a true song-and-dance man in this day and age. In Hollywood of yore, men like Fred Astaire, Gene Kelly and Danny Kaye were headlining movies all over the entertainment landscape -- and not just movies, but movies with beautiful songs and dance numbers.

Nowadays, it's a much rarer commodity. Singers are singers, actors are actors and, well, dancing isn't something you see very often, particularly from men. So happy birthday, JGL. If Hollywood ever wanted to remake "Singin' in the Rain," you'd be the guy to tap.

You can catch JGL on TV each week hosting his latest project, "HitRECord on TV," which features a theme around which the included short films, music and other forms of art are based. It airs Saturday nights at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Pivot.

Photo/Video credit: NBC