Happy birthday Karen Gillan: 8 reasons to be thankful for the 'Doctor Who' companion

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She may no longer be on the show, but Karen Gillan will always be the 11th Doctor's first companion on "Doctor Who." Shes also forever the Doctor's favorite ginger. Gillan is celebrating her 26th birthday on Thursday (November 28), which also happens to be Thanksgiving in the United States.

As a way to combine the celebrations, here are eight reasons to be very thankful for Gillan and the fact that's out there brightening everyone's day.

1. She's Amy Pond. This should be enough for just about anyone. As the Doctor's companion, she was at her raggedy man's side through all manner of adventures in space and time.

2. She's pretty good at bowling, even if she doesn't know what she's doing.

3. She's Nebula in "Guardians of the Galaxy." From Doctor's companion to Marvel Cinematic Universe? Good on you, Karen.

4. She's ready to go whenever they get around to remaking "Coyote Ugly."

5. Her time machine plan is very smart. People definitely need to know how big their heads are going to be in the future.

6. Her Dalek impersonation if both terrible and adorable. Sure, it's also a little frightening.

7. She revealed her bald head at Comic-Con, causing the world to cease spinning for a full 30 seconds.

8. She is definitely the most stylish walker during the zombie apocalypse. "The Walking Dead" could learn a few things from her.

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images/YouTube/Marvel