Happy birthday, Katey Sagal: Gemma's best 'Sons of Anarchy' GIFs

It's a milestone birthday for Katey Sagal, who plays resident biker queen Gemma Teller Morrow on "Sons of Anarchy." The actress turns 60 years old Sunday (Jan. 10) and is just as vicious as ever in the role.

While Sagal first rose to fame as Peg Bundy on "Married ... With Children," it's Gemma that has brought her the most acclaim, which is well-deserved. Below, take a look at some of Gemma's best moments on the show in GIF form, proving once and for all why she's in charge. Be warned, the GIFs contain spoilers through the Season 6 finale.

There was that time she let a skateboard do the talking for her.

Of course, even that wasn't her fault.

She's also not very afraid of authority.

Not even the ATF can calm her down.

She's not above threats to get what she wants.

If threats don't do the trick, she won't hesitate to follow through.

Some people think they are safe but that reality is just an illusion.

No matter how fragile she may seem now and then, Gemma is always in control.

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images/FX/Tumblr