Happy Birthday Lady Gaga: 28 crazy looks for her 28th birthday

Happy Birthday Lady Gaga!

The Mother Monster turns 28 on March 28, 2014 -- and what better way to celebrate than with 28 photos of the singer? Considering how many different looks Lady Gaga has sported over the years, it's a safe bet that no two photos will look that much alike.

Funky, sophisticated Gaga

133885823.jpg Who needs hair bows when you have hair?

136016266.jpg Happy New Year!

136307661.jpg Superhero Gaga?

136308052.jpg Gaga and Sir Paul

138868818.jpg Is that a purple hair dress?

143514154.jpg Orange is the new Gaga.

145727623.jpg Mardi Gaga

151989604.jpg Flowers in her hair!

152092099.jpg Exotic Gaga

152102781.jpg Classic sophistication

152628877.jpg Less sophisticated graffiti

176924311.jpg The square-headed nun

177697372.jpg So much hair ...

179772237.jpg Sometimes, the craziness of Lady Gaga is scary.

186736789.jpg Other times, it's just nice-looking.

187384834.jpg Even Lady Gaga dresses down sometimes.

187608297.jpg Where does she get those wonderful ... whatever that is on her head?

187626836.jpg Steampunk Gaga

187634274.jpg Upside-down

187634352.jpg Philanthropic Gaga

187700775.jpg Lady Gaga on a horse

451805927.jpg Answering the phone ...

452449859.jpg Gaga, mon

454303605.jpg Don't mess with Lady Gaga.

464908213.jpg Goth.

463829491.jpg Lady Gaga always has something going for her. Happy Birthday!


Photo/Video credit: Getty Images