Happy birthday, Louis Tomlinson: 22 GIF reminders he's the prettiest One Direction member

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louis-tomlinson-birthday-gi.jpgIt may be Christmas Eve, but for One Direction fans, Dec. 24 is notable for something a bit more important: It's Louis Tomlinson's birthday.

In honor of the boy bander turning 22, we thought we'd celebrate his big day in the best way possible: with GIFs. Below are the 22 times Tomlinson proved he is the prettiest member of 1D. And if you don't agree with that assumption, we bet you will soon.

1. That time a makeup brush tickle led to this grin

makeup-brush-smile.gif 2. That time he raised his eyebrows as if to say, 'Duh, I'm pretty'

eyebrow-raise.gif 3. Again, duh face

duh-face.gif 4. That time he ran his hands through his luxurious hair

runs-hands-through-hair.gif 5. That time he walked with determination

walking-through-hallway.gif 6. That time, through mock tears, he kissed a fake bird

kissing-fake-bird.gif 7. That time he reminded us he doesn't just wake up with those locks

blowdrying-hair.gif 8. That time someone suggested Harry Styles was prettier and he was like, 'Next...'

subtle-eye-roll.gif 9. That time a side view wasn't enough and he allowed us to view his face full on

turns-face-forward.gif 10. That time he was like, 'Yeah, I wear makeup. Big deal.'

11. That time when he got all goofy and was still stupidly pretty

goofy-point.gif 12. That time he allowed someone else to touch that heavenly hair of his

high-hair-help.gif 13. That time he managed to make goofy fake driving with Niall Horan look sexy

car-with-niall.gif 14. That time his gorgeous grin managed to coax a smile from a tired Zayn Malik

smile-zayn.gif 15. That time he made fake swimming look divine

swimming.gif 16. That time he perked Liam Payne up with a cute microphone boop

liam-mic-boop.gif 17. That time he spun in circles in an airport and remained flawless

airport-spin.gif 18. That time he was like, 'Yeah, I know I look good'

eyebrows-eyes-closed.gif 19. That time he rubbed grapefruit juice all over his face and it was only barely weird

grapefruit.gif 20. That time he got real about One Direction and it only made him look better

idiots.gif 21. That time his face came into focus and it was just perfect

perfect-face.gif 22. Any questions?

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images, Tumblr