Happy birthday, Rider Strong: 7 GIFs of Shawn Hunter being the best on 'Boy Meets World'

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rider-strong-birthday-34-gi.jpg2013's been a big year for Rider Strong. Nostalgia for his old ABC series "Boy Meets World" has been at a near fever pitch with the upcoming sequel series "Girl Meets World" (sure, he isn't currently confirmed to appear in the series, but, come on, it's only a matter of time.) and he married longtime girlfriend Alexandra Barreto in late October. As he readies to close out the year, it's also time for one more celebration: Strong turns 34 on Wednesday (Dec. 11).

In honor of Strong's big day, we thought we'd take a look back at seven instances of his character Shawn Hunter just being the best during the long "Boy Meets World" run -- in GIF form, natch. And, of course we recognize there are much more than seven, but it would be his 35th birthday by the time we finished listing them all.

1. That time when he was adorable in the opening credits.

anigif_enhanced-buzz-11528-1351180862-1.gif2. That time he knew exactly how to make us swoon.

Cory-Shawn-cory-and-shawn-32881152-500-240.gif3. That time he got adorably tough.

Cory-Shawn-cory-and-shawn-32881164-375-281.gif4. That time he wasn't afraid to be vulnerable.

5. That time he wasn't afraid to be even more vulnerable.

6. That time he schooled everyone on how to strut their stuff.

7. And that time he and Cory Matthews proved why they were the best friends to ever grace TGIF.


Photo/Video credit: Getty Images, Tumblr