Happy birthday Robbie Amell: 'The Tomorrow People' star's best roles, from 'HIMYM' to '1600 Penn'

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robbie-amell-birthday.jpg Happy birthday, Robbie Amell! The CW star turns 26 on Monday (April 21).

Before he was kicking butt and taking names on "The Tomorrow People," Amell -- cousin of "Arrow's" Stephen Amell -- portrayed quite a few awesome and hilarious other roles on different shows. Let's take a look back at his colorful resume before he was stopping time and teleporting below the streets of NYC as Stephen Jameson, shall we?

As DB on "1600 Penn," the presidential comedy starring Josh Gad, Amell was the delightfully dumb baby daddy to the first daughter.

But "1600 Penn" wasn't the first airhead Amell played. Remember Scooby from "How I Met Your Mother?"

Or how about his role as Charlotte's ex-boyfriend Adam on "Revenge?" He was already getting in some shirtless scenes on the ABC soap before stripping on The CW.

revenge-robbie-amell.jpgHis first heartthrob role was playing the love interest for Ashley Tisdale on the Disney Channel original movie, "Picture This" ... bonus swimsuit scene included:

He then stayed on the kids network for Disney Channel series "Life With Derek," as the love interest for the main character Casey:

Happy birthday, Robbie!
Photo/Video credit: The CW